15 Women Describe The Food That Helped Shape Their Identity


You are What you Eat, right?

Source: photogrist.com

Food, it is not only a fuel to keep our bodies running but it is quite simply an emotion for many of us. Food provides us with impartial comfort when we are frail or down. Be it a tub of ice cream to drown our sorrows after a terrible breakup or a big fat fried breakfast after a night of wild partying, food always has our backs. It maybe the smell of warm pancakes that defined your childhood or maybe the strawberry milkshake that you so fondly shared with your bestie after school, food in some way or the other helped us transform into who we are today. Let us look at 15 women and their comfort foods that played a vital role in their growth of personality.

1. Emma, 23, Dark Chocolate

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“Ever since I was a little kid, I always swayed towards the slightly bitter dark chocolate than the conventional milk chocolate. There is a magnificent sense of balance between the sweetness and bitterness that fascinates me. As an adult, I realized that everything sweet has a complementing bitter side to it too. You just have to learn to respect the balance and embrace the experience.”