20 Dishwasher Hacks that Can Help You Save Time, Money, and Energy!


Dishwashers are a pretty nifty kitchen appliance. No longer do we have to spend hours in front of the sink to hand-wash and dry stacks of plates. Instead, we just pop our dishes in a dishwasher and call it a day!

But did you know that you can clean a lot more than dishes in a dishwasher? It might seem obvious now, but there are actually a lot of things that a dishwasher can sanitize. Here are 20 ways you can utilize a dishwasher to make life a lot easier!

1. Steaming shrimp

Here’s a neat trick you can do before your party guests get here. Your dishwasher can steam shrimp without the risk of overcooking them. To get started, you only need a plastic container. Place the shrimp inside of the airtight plastic container and turn on the rinse function in your dishwasher. After the cycle is complete, you should have a batch of perfectly steamed shrimp ready for a cocktail.