20 Pieces of Clothing Older Women should Avoid


It is not unusual to walk around a mall or even on the street and find a woman dressed in an outfit that is not appropriate for her age. While it may be fun for some women to dress up, it’s not necessarily the same for others. While some women are good at styling outfits, some just aren’t. Sure some older women have great bodies and still insist on wearing trends meant for younger girls. The question is, should they be doing this? Here are some clothes older women should not wear

1. Message T-shirts

Source: http://www.newnownext.com

Sure they are amazing and you see celebrities wearing them everytime but if you are well in your forties, you might want to stick to just a great cotton plain t-shirt that you can always just dress up or down. You want a classy look. The message t-shirts were fueled by Young Hollywood and were initially just a way for them to express themselves. Mostly, to express their frustrations.