20 of the World’s Scariest Bridges


20. Sidu River Bridge China

The Sidu River Bridge China has earned the title of the highest bridge in the world. It is a teetering steel construction that connects Shanghai with Chongqing. The bridge was built in 2009 for a mere hundred million dollars. It not only allows you to view the beautiful valley below but is also one of the sturdiest bridges to have ever been built.

+1 The Tianmen Skywalk

Tianmen Skywalk

Even though this bridge is perfectly safe, it can give a serious scare to anyone with acrophobia. Images of people being scared are going viral periodically – to be honest, you would have to drag me across, screaming all the way.

China has another peculiar glass bridge, that happens to be dangerous – it had already formed a crack according to news reports.

Would you dare to cross it on foot, or cross it like this girl, just crawl across the depth that goes 500 feet below you?

China Air Bridge