20 Simple Tricks To Prolong Groceries’ Shelf Life And Save Some Serious Bucks


Isn’t it annoying to open that bag in which you stored your groceries or even your fridge only to find a foul smell? It is and while groceries are important, failure to store them properly will have you spending so much money buying more.
Luckily there are different ways to store and prepare your food that will slow down spoilage and will stop you from spending too much time going to and from the grocery shop every now and then. Here are some simple tricks you can use to prolong the shelf life of some of your groceries.

1. Freshly bought vegetables

Source: https://coach.nine.com.au

I know I know, it is very hard to resist the urge to wash your newly bought groceries, especially the vegetables. Most people will want to get rid of any dirt on them immediately but this will make them get spoilt faster because of the dampness. You should clean them but only when you are about to prepare them. When you are ready to eat.