20 Strange Household Hacks Using Everyday Items


Certain duties and responsibilities in life are quite stressful, better methods has to be developed to get things done easily, things like work, school, business or even raising a family. These all come with their ups and downs and while they cannot be avoided, there are ways to make them easier thereby making your home an easy resting place from your outdoor everyday hazard. Here are 20 household hacks that promises to make your life better.

1. Plastic Bottle Sponge Holder

Source: wikihow.com

It is not surprising that most people do their dishes under duress due to busy workdays or just plain disdain. In such circumstances, it is very easy to misplace the dish sponge among a huge pile of dishes or even under the sink. Using an empty plastic bottle as a sponge holder is an excellent way to store your sponges and prevent them from being soggy with water.