Amazing Twins Who Look Nothing Alike!


They say that twins share a lot more than a birthday. They’re typically a lot closer to each other than non-twin siblings, and as they grow older, they often share the same memories. But sometimes, despite being born at the same time by the same mother, they can look a lot different from each other. And no, we’re not talking about fraternal twins. Take a look at the story of these sisters, Lucy and Maria, and how they grew up to become so different from one another. It may shock you to learn that these sisters are actually twins!

1. An Unexpected Surprise


Lucy and Maria were born in January 1997 to Donna and Vince Alymer. They surprised their parents, the doctor, and the midwife, but it wasn’t their twinness that came as a shock. Physically, nothing was wrong with the newborns, but their different skin complexions rendered everybody speechless. Lucy, the first twin sister, red hair, and stunningly blue eyes, whereas her twin had darker skin, ebony brown hair, and deep brown eyes.