Celebrities Photoshopped with Their Kids at the Same Age



We love seeing celebrities on our screens and social media but we love it, even more, when we see them with their kids. What’s amazing is just how some of them look exactly alike. Sure the kids get the “you look just like your mum or dad” phrase a lot. For them, you don’t even need a DNA test to tell that they really are their parent’s children. Here are some pictures of celebrities photoshopped with their kids at the same age.

1. Ava Elizabeth Philippe and Reese Witherspoon at 18


Well, these two look just like sisters it’s incredible. In fact, they look like twins. You would actually think it’s the same person just with different makeup, clothes and under different lighting. Ava is a budding model and we will be seeing more of her just like her mum, that’s for sure and we will always be amazed by the almost perfect resemblance.