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Former Model Now Homeless After Horrible Divorce


Nastasia Urbano is a fifty seven year old former supermodel whose life certainly took a turn for the worst. At the height of her career, she fronted fashion campaigns, worked with other great supermodels, dined with the high and mighty in the industry but has sadly fallen far since then. Nastasia can now be found in Spain’s Catalonia region and sleeps in bank foyers.

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Note that at the height of her career back then, she would earn around a million dollars a year, even for just twenty days of work. Everybody in the industry loved her. By the time she was twenty, she had been on covers of magazines such as Vogue in Europe and also made the decision to move to New York where she enjoyed success, signed under Ford Models.

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So, how did she end up so down and sleeping on the streets? Ms. Urbano says everything changed when she met the man who would then end up being her husband. The father of her children. According to her, she funded his lifestyle and the man would pay for every single thing using her money. Just two days into knowing him, she actually signed a cheque to buy him a BMW out of what she says was the love she felt for him.

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Nastasia has been evicted from a number of homes because she could no longer afford to pay the rent and that relationship left her with nothing except the clothes on her back. It left her just surviving and having to ask for money from people. She suffers from depression nowadays and says she got nothing good from that relationship except her children, who she wishes would see her well and fully recovered. She longs to see them proud of her and not having to alternate between spending the night on bank foyers or her friends’ sofas. She also says the people who were close to her have since left her.

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After hearing about everything she has been through over the years, some of her former colleagues decided to help her get back on her feet somehow. Former model Ruth Schuler expressed her shock regarding the matter, recalling how Nastasia was at goddess level back in the day. Hernando Herrera is also among those who have expressed sympathy for her and they are gathering more people to come to her aid.

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They intend on getting to know her first and finding out what she needs because they feel like she still has so much to give to the world and in different ways, not just through modeling. Examples of things they feel she could do include taking part in conferences, giving fashion related speeches and other activities in the industry. They would like to have her work again so that she can get back on her feet.

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She started her career on a high in Barcelona and proceeded to work with top brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Revlon and even became a cover girl for top magazines. There is certainly a chance for her to bounce back.