Fun Facts about the Original Batman Series from the ‘60s


The original Batman TV series was extremely popular when it ran. Adam West, whom we know mainly as the Mayor of Quahog in Family Guy, played the caped crusader. His sidekick Robin – played by Burt Ward – was the boy wonder. This show mixed cheesy (by today’s standard) humor with a sitcom-ish vibe that was a true manifestation of 1960s’ TV.

Though a fixture of popular classic TV, Batman only ran for three seasons when its ratings plunged in 1969. However, it’s still remembered to this very day as one of the most unique classics of all time. So come with us as we take a stroll through memory and revisit the glory years of Batman TV.

1. Original Storyline

Source: Getty Images

The producers of the show originally wanted it to be a crime show, similar to The Man From U.N.C.L.E, but when network execs read the original DC comics, they felt Batman’s tongue-in-cheek humor would be better suited for a campy, colorful series. As you may already know, the success of the TV show came from its pop-art style and playful manner.