Guy Lost Touch with His Preschool Crush, Years Later Impossible becomes Reality



Laura Scheel and Matt Grodsky first met in preschool at the age of three. At a time when children are still mildly disgusted by any affection between boys and girls, Laura and Matt quickly built a friendship that surprised everybody. Their bond was strong and unique, something that their teachers and parents had never realized young preschoolers could have at such an early stage in life.

One day, Matt made an unforgettable gesture in front of his classmates that caused them to erupt in laughter. What was once a happy, innocent time in life soon became a part of the past after Laura and Matt moved to different schools. But against all odds, many years down the road, they would cross paths once again, only this time the unthinkable happens.

1. Simba and Winnie


No, these weren’t Laura and Matt’s nicknames in preschool. The super cute Disney-themed outfits you see them wearing in the picture above is just one of the many adorable moments they shared in preschool. They first met at the age of three in a preschool in Phoenix, Arizona, and they quickly became friends. In the beginning, nobody paid them much mind – after all, kids make new friends all the time, right? – but as time went on, parents and teachers alike would notice a tight bond forming between the two tots…