Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Relationship is More Unconventional Than You Might Think


Before The First Meeting

Before They Met
Image by @prideofgypsies / Instagram

It always makes you wonder when you see a harmonious relationship, it might have been fate that had brought the two lovers together.

Jason “Aquaman” Momoa was a guest on The Late Show with James Corden right after their wedding – where he decided to reveal his secret about his wife and what he thought when he saw her the first time on the TV.

As it turns out, it all started with an innocent childhood crush. Young Momoa, only 8 years old, was watching The Cosby Show with his mother and he immediately fell for Lisa Bonet ki when she came up on the screen. He exclaimed, “Mum, I want that one!” Talk about love at first sight, huh?

Was it just sheer luck that he got to marry the woman he was infatuated with as a child?