Lagina Brothers from Michigan Unearth Ancient Treasure


The average person might consider Oak Island – a small island on the southern shore of Nova Scotia – an unassuming, unimpressive island with hardly anything to offer. For the most part, they may be right, but there’s no denying that more than 50 books have been written about Oak Island, documenting how rich its history is. The mysterious Money Pit has become a legendary site for more than 200 years, inviting treasure hunters from all over the globe to come with pickaxes and shovels to uncover centuries-old pieces of booty. Excavating the site is far from safe, but the Lagina brothers from Michigan have risked everything to unearth some the most fantastic, and mysterious, treasures.

1. The Legend

Source: Imgur

The story of Oak Island began in 1799 when three teenage boys – Daniel McGinnis, John Smith, and Anthony Vaughn – discovered a mystifying crater in the ground. The crater was surrounded by loose soil, an ideal site for young boys to begin digging. Daniel heard of rumors of the Scottish Pirate Captain Kidd supposedly hiding treasure – estimated at over £2 million – somewhere in the area. They dug more than 30 feet deep and found a layer of flagstone, tool marks, and oak platforms in the pit.