Nicole Kidman Shares Tragic Details About Her Marriage to Tom Cruise


Fertility Issues and Adoption

Apart from religious problems, Kidman and Cruise experienced more personal issues, as well. Kidman immediately wanted to have children with Cruise after the wedding. “From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies,” Kidman revealed to Marie Claire magazine in 2007. “And we lost a baby early on, so that was really very traumatic.”

Kidman’s first pregnancy was ectopic, meaning that the fetus developed outside the womb. Because the couple didn’t want to risk trying again, they decided to adopt. “My mother has an adopted sister, so it’s been part of our family and I knew it would probably play out somewhere in mine. I didn’t think that it would happen so early but it did,” Kidman said in a 2007 interview with Vanity Fair.

In 1993, the couple welcomed their first child, Isabella, into the family. A son, Connor would follow in 1995, completing the perfect Hollywood family. Kidman was reportedly ecstatic when she adopted her children.

The period was an all-time high for Kidman and Cruise career-wise, as well. The actor landed leading roles in the blockbusters Mission: Impossible and Jerry Macguire, while Kidman enjoyed success in 1997’s The Peacemaker and 1998’s Practical Magic. The pair even starred together in Stanley Kubrick’s infamous art-house film Eyes Wide Shut.

This bliss ended abruptly in 2001 when the couple’s spokesperson announced their separation. The public was shocked as the marriage seemed to be going so well. Kidman refused to speak about the reasons for her separation in detail, leaving the public to speculate about their break-up.