Oregon Retiree Purchases and Lives in an Old Passenger Jet


One of the last things you’d expect to see in the middle of the forest is an abandoned jet plane. After all, it’s not every day that we find aviation technology left to corrode in the wilderness or for raccoons to turn it into a makeshift residence. But that’s exactly what you’d find if you trek through the thick woods of Portland, Oregon – a Boeing 747. Did the passenger jetliner crash land there and somehow become forgotten? The answer is a lot crazier than you might have expected. A retired electrical technician purchased a seemingly grounded jet with very weirdly specific ideas in mind. Why? Keep reading to find out!

1. Lost Airplane?


Out of curiosity, you may have spent a few hours looking at satellite images of your hometown or neighboring cities. If you live anywhere near Portland, Oregon, then you may have spotted a seemingly lost airplane wedged in a tight forest. That, dear readers, is no lost plane. It belongs to a retiree and has been turned into a… wait for it… home. That’s right. Somebody is actually living inside of a grounded jetliner!