Ranking the Top 42 Best Guitarists of All Time. Do You Agree with Our List?


If you love music, then you’ve probably enjoyed listening to a particular guitar riff from a certain rock n’ roll song. Or perhaps blues or folk music is what blows your eardrums away. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that a good pluck of a guitar string can pull at your heartstrings. But which guitarist produces the best riffs? We’ve compiled a list of 42 top guitarists since the musical instrument came to being. Keep reading to find out whether your favorite guitarist makes the list.

42.  Bo Didley

Source: theweeklychallenger.com

Bo Didley, born Elias Otha Bates, came up with innovative ways to play the guitar, inspiring even modern musicians to follow his steps. His musical style paired with the iconic square guitar has cemented his legacy in many people’s list as one of the best guitarists coming out of Southside Chicago.