Stunning Royal Women From Around The World


All women are beautiful creatures with an aura of charisma and beauty around them. Even though the charismatic Kate Middleton and fiery Meghan Markle are the topic of our discussions mostly, there are unending crowned women around the world with breathtaking beauty. The beauty of these women stay largely unacknowledged due the lack of enough news and information. While some of these women are poise and elegant, others are fierce and scandalous. Let us take a breathtaking look at the beauties around the world.

1. Sirivannavari Of Thailand


Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand was brought up in the UK by her mother but she lives with her father and grandfather in Thailand now. She is 30 years old currently and is an avid arts and sports lover and actively takes part in high fashion. She proudly claimed a place among the 20 hottest royals by Forbes in 2009.