The Blind Side – Michael Oher Separates Fact from Fiction


The film The Blind Side was an immediate success as soon as it hit theaters in 2009. Not only did it rake in more than $300 million from the box office on a meager $29 million budget, but it won an astonishing number of rewards, including the Best Sports Movie. However, despite receiving so much love, and being one of the most inspirational stories of recent history, not everyone was happy with the film. Michael Oher, the person whose life inspired the film, felt that The Blind Sind didn’t represent the real-life events in the way he would have liked. Here are the things the blockbuster hit deviated from fact.

1. Audiences Loved The Blind Side, but Michael Didn’t


The film became an instant hit among viewers across the globe, but there was one critically important person who felt differently. Michael Oher, whose story was told in the movie, felt that The Blind Side did more harm than good. Based on his reports, there are a few things that he would like to set straight.