The Most Majestic Cars of All Time (So Far)


Ask any car aficionado about what they think about machinery and they’ll most likely give you their list of favorite car makes and models. Admiring cars isn’t just about seeing what’s outside, but its inner beauty is just as important. Sure, some cars are as ugly as can be while packing some serious heat. But that’s not what this list is about. Take a look at the most majestic cars ever made and don’t forget to share with your friends!

1. Duesenberg Model J (1928)


There is a longstanding rumor that the phrase “it’s a doozy” comes from the Duesenberg brand. They were known for being some of the most powerful vehicles on the road, and a “doozy” referred to any car that was hard to overtake. The Model J was considered to be the most perfect Duesenberg vehicle with an exterior that matched the pure power lurking beneath the hood. The Duesenberg line has long since been defunct, but their cars can still cost a pretty penny (several millions of pretty pennies, actually).