The Worst of the Worst: 25 Examples of Automotive Engineering Fails


Everyone holds a different opinion about which cars are the best. It’s not that difficult to spot a diamond in the rough when it comes to cars, especially since their price tags do most of the talking. The same applies to the opposite – a crappy car can be spotted from a million miles away. If you’ve ever driven one of these 25 horrible, terrible, butt-ugly cars, we hope you were doing so ironically.

1. AMC Gremlin


The name Gremlin should be enough of a warning to stay away from this junky car. In the 1960s and 1970s, the demand for cars exploded, and every manufacturer was trying to get a piece of the growing pie. What AMC decided to do was redesign their Hornet without a butt. This, combined with a hefty engine, made the car way too hard to control in traffic. Plus, there weren’t many options available for the Gremlin, so many first-time buyers looking for all the bells and whistles satiated their car needs elsewhere.