These Emo Kid Glow-Ups Will Blow Your Mind


It’s hard to believe, but these emo kids have totally blown up over the past few years! From their outrageous fashion sense to their creative makeup looks, they’ve managed to turn heads and start trends everywhere they go.

But what’s even more amazing is how they’ve been able to take their dark and emotional style of music and turn it into something positive and inspiring. If you’re curious to see how much these emo kids have changed, check out this list of the most incredible emo kid glow-ups.

Hello Kitty Fan Undergoes Complete Style Transformation

This girl made a transformation when she was just 15. From being obsessed with Hello Kitty and Pok√©mon to becoming passionate about the Scene. Even though she still has piercings from that time, she can’t help but laugh at pictures from her younger days. Right now, she’s focusing on her master’s in comparative literature. She will always remember her beginnings, which are the things that motivated her to be the person she is now.