Who Would Have Thought These Celebrities Used To Serve In The Army?


Have you ever wondered if certain Hollywood actors had any military skills to employ in their action-packed movies? The answer is – yes, some of them do know the drills, serving their countries in one organization or the other.

It’s curious to say but this makes action hero Chuck Norris relate to someone like Gal Gadot in more ways than one!

Did you know that Han Solo from Star Wars had his piloting skills channeled by Harrison Ford, who is an aircraft pilot?

Some entered service by obligation but others chose to enlist voluntarily. Depending on their home country and organization –whether it’s the US Marine Corps, the British Military or the Israeli Army, their roles and stories to share will surely be new and interesting to read about.

Let’s look at these colorful career paths together!

Image Source: Gal Gadot – Pinterest