Woman Stunned to Discover Her Childhood Home Might be Linked to Country’s Historical Heroes


We don’t need to tell you that basements are pretty creepy. They can hide secrets of past owners that you wish you never learned. On the other hand, you might score some hidden treasure worth a fortune!

More often than not, we don’t know what’s down there, but Alexandra Poulos certainly wanted to find out. She knew something was fishy about her childhood home, but she never thought for a second that her home was housing a huge secret.

1. Nearly unsolved mystery

Alexandra Poulos knew that her childhood home was a bit odd. After leaving her home for several years, she decided to renovate her basement and had builders scout out the place. However, after stepping into the absolute darkness, they were faced with something that left them speechless. It turned out that Alexandra’s hunch was right, but had no idea of just how important her home might have been.