A Tiny Shipping Containers Converted into an Amazing Home


For many young adults in this day and age, owning their own home is nothing but a dream. For Freddie Pack, a young man from England, the thought of renting an apartment for the rest of his life was an unappealing one. What he wanted to do was build his own home without going into debt. What sort of fantasy house could someone in the capital of England live in without spending a tiny fortune? His solution: an old shipping container! Many thought it was a sad dream, but Freddie’s vision of converting a metallic shipping container into a livable, albeit tiny, structure turned out a lot better than you could imagine! How did he do it and what does it look like in the inside?

1. Property

Source: Instagram / @freddiepack

Like so many of his peers, Freddie Pack was renting a small cottage in the town of Kent, England, but he was far from happy with his living arrangements. He and his girlfriend, Katie McNie, decided that enough was enough – they needed their own home. Freddie is one of the fortunate people living in Kent since he had acquired a piece of real estate from his mother. Although step one was in the bag, his dream of owning his own home was far from complete.