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This Groom’s Romantic Gesture Brought Tears to His Loving Bride’s Eyes


From the moment they met each other in high school, Maggie Edwards and Caleb Earwood were as close as could be. At first they were friends, but as time went on, their relationship developed into one of love. After graduating from high school, the couple maintained their relationship when he joined the US Marines. When you know you’re in love, you’ll do anything to keep the relationship going, and while still in his twenties, he proposed to his high school sweetheart.

On their special day, everything was going as smoothly as possible, but there was one thing that Maggie didn’t anticipate. Caleb, ever the romantic, did something that brought tears to his fiancé’s eyes, and lucky for us, Dwayne Schmidt, their wedding photographer, was there to capture every moment leading up to it.

1. High School Sweethearts


Getting married requires devoting your heart and soul to a person whom you feel will stick by you through thick and thin. Maggie Edwards and Caleb Earwood met in high school where they immediately knew their friendship would blossom into a loving, committed relationship. The two had the same ideas about marriage and even had similar wedding plans in mind. They knew each other inside out, but nothing in the world could have prepared Maggie for what was in store.