Benefits to Negotiate At a New Job


People will often get excited when they land a new job but did you know that you do not have to settle for what’s been put on the table for you? You can get much more.

Here are some benefits you could negotiate at a new job.

A higher Salary


It may seem like the most obvious thing but studies show that most people actually don’t negotiate a higher salary when they land a new job. The studies go further to show that women are even less likely to negotiate their salary compared to men, which would explain the existence of a huge wage gap between men and women. A higher salary could go a long way in determining whether or not you will need to do a side job to be able to afford certain luxuries or even to pay the bills and is definitely worth bringing up.

The chance to work remotely

Having the ability to work from a place most convenient for you every few days could work wonders for you as it gives a sense of freedom. No need to commute and you can dress as you please. Reports show that people who are able to work remotely display more happiness and productivity and therefore perform better at their job.

A flexible schedule

This is important as it means you get to choose what time you start and leave work every day, instead of having to work the normal 8-5 or 9-6. It means you get to report and leave work as you please just as long as the job gets done well, on time and the employer is satisfied. Before negotiating for this, it is important to understand your industry norms and your employer’s norms in order to know whether or not it’s worth bringing up.

Longer time for you to vacation


This will definitely be worth it especially if the pay at your new job isn’t as great. It is another way to benefit in the event that the salary negotiation does not go too well. The key to getting a longer vacation time is to keep the request realistic by considering how much time off they give for vacations at your new job and adding a few days to it or maybe a week or two at most. You could use this vacation time to better yourself in a different way.

Commuter allowances

Commuting to work every day can be very expensive especially if you live in a big city. If you drive yourself to your workplace, you know that parking fees can be on the higher side as well. It is therefore advisable to negotiate for some commuter subsidies or parking space because it definitely means more money in your pocket.

Work devices

This is particularly important if your new job involves working outside the employer’s actual office. It is important to have them supply you with a laptop and phone and other devices necessary for you to get the job done. These devices play a big role in helping you keep your private and professional life separate. If your employer cannot provide these and requires you to use your personal devices, then it’s worth having a discussion with them and asking that they pay part of the bills that come as a result of using your own devices e.g. the phone bill if you are going to be using your phone to make work-related calls.

Health and wellness benefits

Understandably, the gym may not be for everyone but if it’s your cup of tea, then you might want to take advantage of that privilege if it exists at your new job. Studies show that you can benefit from physical activity as it reduces your chances of getting depression or anxiety.It is a benefit that will definitely keep you healthier and happier.

Professional development


It has been proven that focusing on yourself as well as your development could play a big role in maintaining both a professional and personal balance. Some examples of development benefits you could negotiate for include getting your employer to cover fully or partly the cost of a course related to your industry. Such development opportunities make you more likely to be better positioned later on in your career and also help you save a lot as the money does not come out of your own pocket.

While it may be a little scary or seem too early to be asking for benefits when you just got hired, these are quite normal and when done right, you could earn a better and happier professional life.