Distressed Man Asked by Airport Security to Toss Package in the Trash, but One Woman Didn’t Stand Idly by


Every year, the US sees hundreds of thousands of its citizens take to the skies for trips both across the country and to foreign lands. If you’re one of these people, then you already know just how stressful airport security can be. The TSA is there for our safety, but sometimes their job makes simply travel a lot harder than it should be. A woman from Florida saw first-hand another passenger being asked to toss a parcel into the trash before boarding his flight. She wouldn’t have it – her sympathy and empathy is where this stories starts and ends.

1. Lining Up

Source: facebook.com

Ivelise Hernandez is a regular woman from Tampa, Flordia, with an extraordinary heart. On this particular day, she went to the airport with her boyfriend, Rico Bankston, who kept her company as she patiently waited to get through security. Things were pretty normal at first, but a commotion at the front of the line was holding thing sup. She didn’t hear exactly what was going on, but she knew that a fellow passenger was becoming increasingly upset.